how to not get shaving rash on bikini line

How to Get Rid of Razor Burn on Bikini Line

Hair removal is the most popular beauty trend nowadays, especially for women. This is done in several ways such as shaving, waxing, and plucking.

While the purpose of shaving is to achieve beauty, most often it leads to more skin irritations namely razor burns.

Razor burns, or known to others as razor bumps with the scientific name pseudofolliculitis barbae, are skin irritations caused by improper shaving.

It happens when the shaved hairs decide to grow underneath the skin, resulting in a darker skin pigmentation and bumps on the skin.

They appear on the most popularly shaved parts such as the legs, bikini line, face, and armpits. One of the main causes of a razor burn is dry shaving.

how to get rid of shaving rash on bikini area

Even with shaving creams, razor burns can still be obtained when one hardly presses the razor to the skin when shaving. When hair get twisted to a great extent and pulled out of the skin, they tend to cause razor burns once they grow back.

People who get razor burns experience discomfort as they feel a burning sensation as well as itchiness. Aside from the physical discomfort it provides, it also lowers a person’s self-confidence with the redness or blackness it marks on the skin.

This redness on the skin, followed by the itch and stinging sensation, is caused by the hair growing back with sharp ends stinging but is unable to penetrate the skin, which chains to the bumps.

Some people have an incorrect view on how to get rid of razor burns on bikini line and try to solve the problem by plucking or digging up the trapped hairs and shaving or plucking them afterward.

Not only does the second method cut the skin, even more, it also repeats the cycle of ingrown hairs. To avoid razor burns, one should apply shaving cream first before shaving.

One shouldn’t press the razor blades too hard on the skin. Avoid using dirty razors as well. They should also switch from shaving daily to every 3-4 days.

best way to shave bikini area without getting razor burn

With the summer coming up, more people are shaving, preparing for the beach season and finding ways on how to get rid of razor burns on bikini line.

The best way is to apply tea tree oil or aloe Vera creams. Some ingredients that can be found at home help treat razor burns such as corn-starch. Simply put this on the burns for twenty minutes and rinse it off with water.

Another is by mixing pureed cucumbers and milk. However, with the bikini area, one should be extremely careful applying any substance to get rid of razor bumps as this is one of the most sensitive body areas for women.

Before shaving, consider softening the skin first by placing a warm rag on the area for five minutes. After shaving, wash the area with soap to kill germs.

Razor burns are itchy and stinging bumps on the skin caused by improper shaving.

There are several misinformations on how to get rid of razor burns on bikini line but to prevent it, one must hydrate and lubricate the skin before shaving by using a shaving cream and regularly changing razor blades for hygienic purposes as well.

But if you have a razor burn already, tea tree oil or aloe Vera creams are the best remedies.