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How to Soothe Razor Bumps

Razor bumps are unsightly and embarrassing and occur primarily as a byproduct of hair removal.

If left alone, they can become infected and become painful. Knowing how to soothe razor bumps as well as prevent them is important for skin’s long-term health.

Causes of Razor Bumps

The primary reason why razor bumps appear is an ingrown hair. After shaving, some strands of hair may curl back on themselves and grow into the skin, causing irritation and a pimple-like appearance.

They may also be caused by a dull razor or not using enough shaving gel or cream. Any improper shaving tools or techniques can cause ingrown hairs.

These small bumps are embarrassing for some reasons. They look like pimples and show up in sensitive areas such as the bikini area.

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They often cause itching and scratching in these areas also leads to embarrassment. With razor bumps, it’s not easy to wear a bathing suit or even skirts or shorts as the bumps are fairly noticeable.

If they become infected, razor bumps can even lead to scarring and skin discoloration which leads to greater body discomfort.

Preventing Razor Burn

Although it’s handy to know how to soothe razor bumps, prevention is a key strategy. First, always make sure to use a sharp razor.

A dull or rusty razor will prevent a clean shave and irritate the skin. Second, only shave every other day at the most. Shaving every day can irritate any new bumps so try and wait.

Every third day is the best if possible. Third, always use a shaving cream or substitute. A cream or gel can soften hairs and make them easier to remove, preventing irritation to the area.

When razor bump appears, many people try ineffective solutions. Overly exfoliating the area isn’t a great option and can lead to more irritation.

It may also be tempting to try and shave over the bumps, but this solution can also lead to more irritation and can cut into the skin. Don’t use either of these methods to treat razor bumps.

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Treating Razor Bumps

Knowing how to soothe razor bumps is fairly easy, and there are a few simple solutions. The first solution is to let the hair grow out before shaving again.

Wait a few days and see if the hair breaks out of the bumps on its own. If not, then use a product that’s designed to treat razor bumps.

Products that contain salicylic acid, aloe, or glycolic acid are effective. Use as directed on the bottle on a daily basis.

If there are signs of infection such as redness or pain, treat the infection with an antibacterial cream daily. The ingrown hairs should be resolved within a few days to a week with these solutions.

Final Thoughts

Most people are going to experience razor bumps if they shave on a daily basis. Being careful with a shaving routine is the best preventative strategy.

However, if they do occur, treat them promptly to prevent infection and scarring. Use these recommendations to treat razor bumps and also keep skin healthy in the long run.