how to prevent razor bumps on legs

Razor Bumps on Legs

Razor bumps or burns are not only unsightly to look at, but can also be very painful. They can be infected over time if not well attended to.

They are caused by friction between the ingrown hair and the razor during shaving and can result in pimple-like bumps on your skin.

Getting to know how to prevent razor bumps on legs can be of great importance. If you are having a problem with razor bumps, then go ahead and read the following tips on how to prevent razor bumps on legs and it will surely not disappoint.

how to get rid of bumps on legs

1. Practicing good shaving habits

You need to resist from shaving frequently and quickly. Always start shaving with a clean skin and razor blade.

Do not shave the same specific area for more than two times. Minimize the strokes when shaving and refrain from pressing the razor blade too hard on your skin.

Do not try shaving existing bumps; it will only irritate them further making them not go away. Give them time to heal. The best option is shaving after three days.

2. Use a clean and sharp razor blade.

Do not use a rusty or old razor blade when shaving. They cause razor burns and eventually infection if they are covered with bacteria. Do not store your razor blade in the bathroom. The presence of humidity results in the breeding of rust and bacteria.

Always make use of a new and sharp razor blade. If you have to use an old one, ensure it is first sterilized with some alcohol to cleanse it.

how to get rid of bumps on legs

3. Using a good shaving product

Make use of an appropriate shaving cream that contains a moisturizing ingredient. Proper shower gels are normally designed to minimize the skin’s irritation and soften the hair during shaving. Normal soaps do not have that effect.

The best category of shaving gel is the one used by men. It starts out as a simple gel and later forms a foam when you continue rubbing into it.

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4. Use both cold and warm water

This is an easy method to prevent the occurrence of razor bumps. Use warm water to shower before shaving. This softens your leg hair.

Then rinse the affected leg area with cold water immediately after shaving. This will close up any pores and prevent bacteria and irritants from getting in. It also prevents the formation of ingrown hair and any bumps that may occur from heat.

5. Shave with the Grain

Most people tend to shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This may cause unnecessary irritation. It is thus advisable to shave with the grain since it guarantees no appearance of bumps.

6. Avoid irritating the shaved area

Your freshly shaved skin needs protection from any product that may cause irritation. It is advisable to shave at night and avoid wearing any tight underwear or clothing since it causes irritation and bumps to your skin.

7. Hydrate and placate

The most efficient way of dealing with razor bumps is to use and apply aloe vera to the affected skin area. Alternatively, you may opt to use coconut oil since it helps ease the inflammation and hydrate your skin.

A normal moisturizer with glycerine can also do the trick.

Razor bumps will eventually clear out when given time. Following the above ways on how to prevent razor bumps on legs will guarantee results, but this may take some time before all burns are cleared.