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Razor Bumps on Pubic Area

Would you like to get rid of the razor bumps on pubic area? Of course, the answer is YES! I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear the bikini or swimwear without feeling embarrassed of the unsightly bumps?

Also, you possibly feel ashamed of undressing in front of your partner. Well, truth is razor bumps are quite common and affect people of all ages.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to effectively and safely get rid of them. Some may even be contributing to this problem without knowing.

This article will discuss the causes, the negative effects, how people contribute to the problem and finally the best way to eliminating the problem.

What Causes Razor Bumps on Pubic Area ?

Razor bumps are clinically/ medically referred to as Pseudofolliculitis Barbae. They are small bumps that appear on the skin after shaving, waxing or tweezing the hair. Usually, after the hair removal process, a person will start feeling a razor burn.

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This is a burning sensation or irritability that occur when growing hair starts curving inwards and causing the sharp points to start penetrating or puncturing the skin.

This discomfort will tempt people to scratch or constantly touch the affected area, and as a result, it may cause bumps or inflammation.

What Are the Negative Effects?

While it’s not a serious health condition, razor bumps do come with the following negative impacts:

-A nuisance: The affected person will be tempted to scratch or constantly pamper the region to ease the irritation.

-Embarrassing: The bumps on the skin are quite noticeable and may be filled with pus. This makes a person ashamed of wearing revealing clothes like bikinis.

-Skin Discoloration: If not dealt with properly, the bumps may leave the bikini area a bit darker than the surrounding region.

– Keloidal scars: the bumps may open up and after healing will leave scars known as keloidal.

– Skin Infection: Buildup of pus and germs finding their way into the broken skin may cause skin infection. Staph bacteria can cause a serious skin condition known as Barber’s Rash.

How Can The Razor Bumps Be Prevented?

Razor bumps on pubic area can be prevented in the following ways:

-Always use a sharp razor since it’s less likely to bring the bumps compared to a dull one.

– Wet the region or use cream to soften the area and minimize friction.

– Not pressing the razor too hard also minimizes the effects.

– Shave along the grain of hair rather than across it.

– Patting the area after cleaning with a soft towel is advised.

The Wrong Way of Dealing with the Problem

The following are ways people encourage the razor bumps to develop:

– Shaving the region daily is discouraged as it makes the skin more sensitive and softer. It’s recommended to skip one day and if possible shave after two days.

– Not exfoliating the section encourages dead skin and dirt to re-enter the hair follicles and pores thus causing the razor burn.

– Using too much effort when drying with a towel may introduce germs and bacteria or press the minute hairs inwards thus puncturing the skin further.

– Shaving the area when dry puts more strain on the area since the hair is harder and tougher.

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Treating Razor Bumps

In case you are already affected by the bumps, you can do the following to heal the region:

– Avoid shaving too soon until the bumps and sensitivity subside. After that, you can leave a bit of hair until full recovery.

– Applying pure aloe vera or witch hazel on the area helps soothe pain and also moisturizes the skin. The product is also known to heal cuts and wounds.

– Commercial products containing glycolic acid or salicylic acid are also effective for treating razor bumps.Some require the use of a cotton ball while others are available in the roller bottle. It’s paramount to only go for products certified to be safe and if possible all natural.


Shaving the pubic area is part of grooming and makes a person neater. It also boosts an individual self-esteem and confidence. Unfortunately, using the wrong technique as stated above may lead to razor bumps.

Not only do they make a person ashamed to dress in revealing clothing, but may also lead to irritation/sensitivity, dry skin, skin conditions due to inflammation or bacteria, or permanent scarring. You can, however, prevent or treat razor bumps on pubic area by following the above tips.