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How to Get Rid of Shaving Scars

Shaving remains to be the fastest and most practical hair removal method.

However, due to unfortunate incidences, we cut our skin in the process, resulting in shaving scars.

Shave scars are cuts made into the skin during the process of shaving, which darken one the wound heals. Instead of achieving a flawless skin, shaving sometimes does more damage than relief.

Cuts from shaving can inflict so much pain, as small as they may seem. And while the goal of shaving is to look fresh and flawless, getting cuts, which later turn to scars, tends to ruin the look.

The cuts themselves already look unpleasant, much more when they darken and turn to scars. Shave scars are found on the most shaved places mainly the face and legs.

However, there are several ways on how to prevent these. Avoid getting cut in the first place. Check whether the blades are sharp enough.

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Razors with old and dull blades tend to cut the skin more often than new and sharp ones, as when the old and dull blade couldn’t cut the hairs, the person shaving would press them harder to the skin. Also, using shaving creams softens the hairs for it to be cut by the razor easily.

People needed to be educated on how to get rid of shaving scars once you have incurred them, as some have wrong ways of treating them.

People tend to use whitening facial cleansers or toners for shaving scars done on the skin, which is highly unrecommended as the scars from shaving cuts have thinner skin, and the chemicals on the cleansers or toners can burn through it and cause more irritation.

Others try to pick on the skin once the cut dries up, but this only results to incurring more wounds.

The proper way on how to get rid of shaving scars is through scar gels. Wipe the scar first with a clean towel and apply a thin layer of scar gel.

Massage it onto the skin for better absorption and let it dry. Another way on how to get rid of shaving scars is by applying cocoa butter.

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Vitamin E oil is another alternative. You can either take Vitamin E oil capsules or directly apply it onto the scar.

Lemon juice has bleaching effects that can lighten the color of the scar, while Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties that can ease the swelling as well as prevent discoloration of the skin.

Other home remedies include honey, baking soda, and cucumber. Cucumber has the same anti-inflammatory effect as aloe Vera.

Simply blend the cucumber and apply the mixture onto the scar. Another method is by mixing honey and baking soda and applying the mixture onto the skin.

Shaving scars are one of the most unpleasant sightings on the skin. Cuts gotten from shaving causes These, and these can be prevented by using new and sharp razor blades for easier hair removal.

When shaving, avoid pressing the blade harder on the skin and always use a shaving cream. However, if you still get cut, there are proper ways to solve it.

Proper remedies for shaving scars include scar gels, cocoa butter, lemon juice, Aloe Vera, cucumber, honey, and baking soda. With these tips, all your shaving scars will be gone in no time.